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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 2, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and paul wagner is live with the latest. paul? >> reporter: we're at the fire house in silver spring where ike leggett came here to thank the police department and the fire department for the job that they did as the dis-- at discovery channel up the street and there is? some new information. they found a total of eight explosive devices, four in the discovery channel and four at a home in wheat on and they did an extensive search. they were there for a couple of hours. i want to go back to yesterday and what happened with mr. lee inside the lobby of the building. the chief majors said yesterday that when mr. lee was shot, they thought that the explosive devices attached to his body actually went off and today, the chief clarified that and said they did not but they were lethal. video can there was no
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explosion or when he shot the the information that i received from the bomb squad was that had he been able to be those devices, it would have been lethal. for speculation, but clearly the hostage were close enough that they would have been in harm's way had the bomb gone off. >> today, with very intensive investigative work, the residents here in the county was located and four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated remotely from the residence and from any other areas of any life safety issues here in the county. >> reporter: neighbors say that police spent about three hours inside this house on kimberly
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street in wheaton. off of pliers mill road where they found the four additional devices. it's the last-known address for james lee. the neighbors say the only thing that stood out about lee is the passion for feeding birds in the backyard. one neighbored that it attracted rats and complained to the owner of the house. the police say that lee brought backpacks and boxes into the lobby of the discovery channel where he took the hostages and inside, they found other devices, ski masks, batteries and a second starter pistol. today, ab executive with the discovery singled out the security guard who was held hostage and praised him for being a calming influence and assisting with the negotiations. you may recall when police were talking about the incident yesterday, they knew a shot was fire and the couldn't confirm that any bullets were fired. someone heard a shot or shot. now we know why. it was a starter pistol
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shooting blanks and they're also looking for a car that they believe belongs to mr. lee but we don't have a description of that vehicle, shawn. >> paul wagner with the latest. thank you, paul. meantime, hundreds of discovery employees returned to work today in the same building they were evacuated from because of the hostage standoff. some were understandably emotional and others still fearful. most thankful that none of their coworkers were hurt and they told us the memories of yesterday's event will linger for awhile. >> people were like i am literally shake, look at my hands. they would shake their head. i don't think that anyone is expecting the trauma of yesterday to be over any time soon. >> reporter: chris ones counselors were on site for employees. management held an assembly thanking workers for their courage and giving them the long weekend off. meantime, gunman james lee claimed that his environmental views were partly shaped by the
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book my ishmael by philosopher daniel quinn who is speaking out about the hostage situation. knee never met nor spoke to james lee and that lee isinterpreted his message about food production and interpreting population greet. if he had a chance to talk with lee, he would have told him he was giving his ideas a bad name. who is james lee? we have more detailed information about the man behind the madness on our website, go to moment hurricane earl is weakening a bit and is packing winds over 125 miles per hour. the storm is expected to skim the outer banks of north carolina before making landfall this weekend and sue palka has been tracking earl fast and is in the weather center with the latest. >> reporter: the weakening trend was anticipated and is a welcome seat cyte. in addition to the fact that it weakened, we're seeing it make more of a northward turn. take a look at it on satellite
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picture here. a spectacular-looking storm and especially if anyone stays out to sea and that does have winds of 115 miles an hour that makes it a category 3 and earlier today, it was quite powerful, 145 miles per hour winds and significant weakening that we have seen with the weekend updates and we want to mind you that from the center of the storm, you have tropical storm- force winds out about 200-miles to the the outer banks and they will be tasting what is probably early's worse for them tonight. now, it's going to pass us tomorrow, will be out to sea about 150 miles or so and there will be -- from the beaches. they probably will make a landfall in nova scotia and a quick look at the tropical storm warnings that are up from our coast and in the red is to north carolina. you can see a hurricane warning where the bands of earl will be onshore and probably within the next hour or so and some of the heaviest rain beginning down there. i'll have a full report and what you can expect the rest of the weekend, and of course, later tonight from early coming
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up in a few minutes. >> see you then. as you heard, earl will impact our beaches. along the del marva tonight, beachgoers and residents are stocking up to ride out the hurricane. will thomas continues live from the boardwalk in ocean city. will? >> reporter: hi, shawn. the skies are getting darker, the beaches are starting to empty. you feel a change and i'm going to talk about the significance of the storm while this is one of the big gates that will be closed. let me first talk about water access. a short time ago, city officials decided to restrict water access and yesterday it was to the knee or below and this is why. we can give you a closer look of the video in the field. the waves are breaking on shore and as that pushes back to sea, it looks for a weak spot in the sand and that is where's rip current can occur and that can pull a swimmer to sea. very, very dangerous and talk about the storm wall. the storm doors, i showed you
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one of them will be closed and locked tomorrow. there are 50 of the gates. the storm wall goes down about 30 feet, 18 feet above sea level and that is designed to protect the boardwalk and real estate even if there is significant e rogue. a few moments ago, we spoke with the emergency services director, he said the beaches won't be closed tomorrow and it's likely, once again, no water access for friday. >> it's a tough surf out there. people don't understand the power of mother nature and don't want to see anyone get harmed. we will do what we can to keep the people out of the water. >> reporter: now, tourists are being asked to be a part of the solution here. so, for instance, and if you follow me to the boardwalk, all of the balconies you see here along the motels and hotels, they're being told if you have beach chairs, umbrellas, take them inside before you go to bed so they're not dangerous projectiles tomorrow and as far
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as the economy, that is a big concern out here and real estate, they're saying, the big push is saturday, sunday and monday and expect $250,000 tourists to be here and some hotels and motels are offering free friday through the weekend and they trying to get creative. >> and anything to get the people to come out and help the economy. thank you. still ahead on thage in, they're step -- the news edge. >> bumping -- stumping for the candidates for d.c. mayor. we'll tell you who they are coming up and will it make a difference. and mutilated money, we'll take you inside the local office where damaged greenbacks are brought back to life. 
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>> d.c.'s mayoral race is entering its final lap. the two major candidates are fine-tuning their messages and hoping their strategies and that know on display yesterday. also, mayor fenty brought his wife to the campaign trail and today, vincent gray brought out
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councilwoman mary chay from ward 3 and he's more on both sides of the debate. karen? >> reporter: yo vince gray said it's just a coincidence that two days in a row, the two candidates for mayor have put women in a place for the campaign. and we asked them about fenty bringing his wife to the party. >> reporter: ward 3, upper northwest. lots of wealthy white residents and could play a pivotal role in the primary. >> you take two. >> reporter: the d.c. council chairman courting votes on the home turf of mary chay who wholeheartedly endorsed gray. >> going back somewhere, vince bray is progressive. >> to be able to have the support of someone who is as intelligent and thoughtful and hardworking as mary chay is
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incredibly uplifting. >> reporter: across up to, the celebration of another groundbreaking. ed a rain fenty appearing mayoral, announcing the upcoming renovation of the historic howard theatre and his wife making an impression after the museum debate. >> at this point in time, i feel compelled to speak. there are so many misconceptions about me husband. >> reporter: michelle fenty really speaks publicly. she's a lawyer, born and raised in london, the daughter of jamaican immigrants and now coming to the defense of the mayor who is sagging in the poll error errors. >> he's trying to address some concerns that he's a hard- chargeing guy wanting result. >> reporter: lennystein horn said politics is funny because fenty has to figure out how to get past the disconnect between accomplishments he's made and the people who benefit.
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>> reporter: a poll shows fenty trailing gray by 17 percentage points, even though myself feat feel that the city is headed not right direction and type is horn said when you look at what people want in their leaders, they want more than results. and these next 12 days will be interesting and you can submit questions. click on viewer questions in the hot topics bar. still ahead on the news edge, mutilated money. >> the sight of someone cutting up money might make you cringe. it's part of what they do here. i'm beth parker, behind the scenes is a bureau of engraving and printing. and you know it's hard to believe, labor day weekend got here like that and. >> a cooldown coming. the forecast is next. yorbmo
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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>> imagine a whole lot of cash. this money is mutilated, burned, shredded and nearly destroyed there is a special group of federal employees responsible for piecing it together. fox 5s beth parker shows us a part of the treasury department we rarely see. >> reporter: this man is cutting up a $100 bill, though he's not made of money but works where they make money. this is the bureau of engraving and imprinting mutilated currency division. the examiner is opening a box of money burned in an armored truck fire. >> and so what i do is try to pull them out and -- >> people send their damaged money here hoping to get it replaced. this is with the taxable money and was sent in by the individual. >> when the grandmother passed away, he was cloning out the barn and found it buried in the corner of the barn. >> sometimes it's accidentally shredded. >> like a puzzle?
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>> exactly, jigsaw, every day. >> reporter: every day, they roll in a car full of new cases here at the mutilated currency division and most arrives through the u.s. postal service n. a typical year, that'll return $25 million to individuals and businesses. >> you will get the elderly woman who is grateful for the service because she is on a limited income and that $20 note that she damaged means the world to her. so, i think it's rewarding to be able to make someone whole in some sense. >> reporter: williams has been counting presidential portraits here for 20 years. >> when you have a fine time to go by and you lose count. >> reporter: they may lose count of the days but never the money. lots of cash rolled in after hurricane katrina. >> sometimes we get the original contents in the case. >> water and all? >> water and all, bugs and all. >> you never know what you're going to get. so, every day is an adventure. it's almost like opening the present at christmas. >> reporter: far too many people try to dry money in the
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microwave. >> our currency has metallic properties. it does catch fire in the microwave. >> reporter: you heard the old excuse, my dog ate the homework. >> they like $20 and $100 bills. >> like humans, they prefer the biggerbles in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. i will, too. if you were with us a few moments ago, you saw the live shot from ocean city and yet didn't look bad out there. >> right. >> and that is what we expected, it's late tonight and during the day tomorrow that things will be at the worse for ocean city. >> okay. >> and by this time tomorrow night, shawn, it will be improving. >> good. >> and we believe that earl will start moving faster and that will start getting -- getting the crowds back, which is what they want. please, fobs-- phones, be aware that the water won't be safe for a long time and pay attention to the lifeguards and what officials are saying and they going to do their best to protect and you this is earl, big news today. earl is weaker than it was and had been a category 4, a strong one. 145 miles per hour and this
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morning down to 1:15 at this hour and next, a category 3. the weakening sign is a relief and it was expected and is also moving to the north. the big headlines, outer banks will get brushed tonight by earl and it will be tropical storm winds for the del mask a gary will have more on that. the worst is over. probably by this time tomorrow night. and it will just be breezy locally. don't be surprised if you don't get much rain out of this. if we get some rain, it mean a few sprinkles from the cool front coming on through and if do you look outside and see clouds, those are coming from the outer bands of earl. i want you to see our max hd future cast at midnight tonight. a lot of what we're seeing is still off the coast and their close call overnight and as we get into the noon hour, you can see that a lot of the worst of this, according to the rpm model here, trying to keep it off the coast. nantucket has a hurricane warning, we have the tropical storm warnings for our coast and up into, we believe, nova scotia is where early will go and by friday, 11:00, we're starting to clear out and we're
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headed for what we hope is a beautiful weekend and before we get there, we have to deal with earl and gary mcgrady is standing by to talk about the big winds and what they dealing with. >> reporter: the good thing, earl is going to stay offshore and you can see here, first of all, around the cape, hurricane- force winds as you go inland, still, a good chunk of eastern north carolina and some sustained tropical storm-force winds. as we bring thisno fur -- north for to you ocean city, and some tropical storm-force winds sustained for a few hours for ocean city and things will get better. the winds sustained, 35 to 45 miles per hour and probably a 3- to five-hour period of that.
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gusts higher and a lot of rip current activity and beach e rogue, too. >> the worst part is what happens in the water and the danger of the rip currents. you have property down there and somebody looking into it and making sure things are taken in, you are going hopefully get through this okay, based on the current track. we're counting on this cool front and that is going to be steering earl away and is going ting bringing us a fabulous labor day weekend and not just here but at the weekend. you're sick of the 90s, it's going to improve. around here, it will be warm and clouds, a bit of a breeze from earl and on saturday as well from the cool front essentially. 76 at 8 in the morning, by noon, 88; 4:00, 91 and that is the last warm day we have for awhile. in this five-day forecast, you will have to wait until next tuesday. side's 80, send about 82 and labor day monday, not bad. 85 degrees is going to feel
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great and at least we're going toen the summer on a comfortable note. it's been one heck of a hot summer, sean. >> -- shape. >> that looks -- a wet summer, shawn. coming up in sports, the nats manager responds after one of the outfielders ignitance all-out brawl. you have to see this one.
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>> good afternoon, morgan is on a heck of a run. last week, he was suspended for seven days for hitting a fan with a ball in philadelphia. he's appealing it. on saturday, he was dropped to 8th in the lineup and ran into cardinals catcher brian anderson at home. even though there was not a throw and a play at the plate. he was called out for contact and separated anderson's shoulder. tuesday night, more drama. morgan would barrel over another catcher. the marlin's bret haze and separating his shoulder. that is two shoulders in four days, bringing us to last night. marlins retaliate in the fourth
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and steal two biases after getting hit. further angering the marlins to the 6th and throws behind morgan and charges the mound and gets clothes lined by gabby sanchez and the bench is cleared. this escalated in a hurry. both morgan and ballstead ejected and major league baseball's reviewing the ball and likely will hand out suspensions tomorrow. none yet, though. morgan said that high expected the ier inual retaliation and is not happy. >> going out there and playing the game. i guess, you know, they took it the wrong way and, you know, they hit me the first time and so be it. and he hit two other guys. all right, cool and went on another one behind me and we have to go, you know. i'm sticking up for myself and -- doing what i have to do. >> i think they're going to hit him anyway and to tell you the truth, they hit him, he went to first base and took his
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medicine. >> whatever was their reason for throwing at him again, i have no problems with what took place after that. >> the unwritten rules of baseball, like hockey. i love them. the nats are off tonight, beginning the series tomorrow night in pittsburgh against the pirates. the redskins in action tonight, the fourth and final preseason game at arizona. the cardinals, the first preseason meeting between the two teams since '71 and the final chance for 22 players to make an impression, and earn a spot on the final 53. the final cuts will come saturday at 6 and don't be surprised if some high-profile players are not wearing the burgandy and gold after tonight. >> every year, it happens. someone you would never expect to get released gets released and it's a sad point in time. you put in a lot of work with them and relationships and there were a lot of great people here and in this locker room. for some of them -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: sellers won't be
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cut. i said it. coming out with nfl odds today, and with a 30-1 shot to win the super bowl, 5-1 to win the division and the over-under, and one dedicated to albert hainesworth, the over- under, set at 13 fast. -- 13 novel. >> do you think albert will play 13 games more or elseless? >> i think he'll play less. >> you're taking the under. uh. >> i'm with you, i'm taking the under, too. and thank you so much. and now you have the news edge. the news is all on keep it here on fox 5. tmz on tv is coming up next. we'll see you tonight. 
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